Q: Do you use tranquilizers?

A: Absolutely not, unless prescribed by your veterinarian.

Q: Do you do cats?

A: Yes! I have always gotten along with our feline friends and they are welcomed clients.

Q: Why choose mobile grooming over other grooming services?

A: Mobile grooming provides a cage free environment which is less stressful for most pets. It also saves you two trips to and from the groomer, and interaction with other pets. You have the peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe at home and that you are welcome to check on them at any time. There is also much less time spent in the grooming process an average of one hour for small pets and one to three hours for large pets. No more 5-6 hour waiting your turn at the groomer. I also happen to be a non-smoker, so your pet will never return to you smelling of cigarette smoke.